Name: John Winston Ono Lennon
Birthday: 9 October 1940
Hair: Medium Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 159 lbs
Favourite Colour: Green
First band: The Quarry Men
Favourite food: Corn Flakes
Favourite Singer: Shirelles
Likes: Cats
Favourite type of girl: his wife
Siblings: 2 half sisters

Friday, May 20, 2011

Early Years and Family

With Paul and George

Aunt Mimi's House

John and some school friends

John Lennon at age 7

John at age 5

John at age 7

John at age 9

John at age 7

John at age 16

John at age 3

John at age 8

Yoko, Julian, Sean, and Cynthia

John and Julia

John's father Alf

John, Sean, and Yoko

Cynthia, Julian and John

Cynthia and Julian

John and Yoko

John and his uncle George Smith

John and Cynthia

John and Julian

John and Mimi

John, Cynthia, Julian and their dog

Julian and John

Julia Lennon

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